Why this simple of a design for your website, why not have something fancier?[1]

Because I prefer the simpler web, the one which you can load in less than a second. Today's websites lean way too much upon big framework which slow down the whole structure and make everything feel bad/wrong.

For this website I just wanted to have a basic design, that is readable (so no bare html) but also is very lighweight. The design i sought after was a simpler version of Medium while having a load time equivalent to the biggest inspiration to this website : motherfuckingwebsite.com.

I finally settled on the design of bettermotherfuckingwebsite.com (which I literally took the whole 11 lines of css from) which was literally all I wanted : A simple design, easy to read, fast to load. I might do changes later but as for now (08/09/2021) it looks really good.