Why this simple of a design for your website, why not have something fancier?[1]

Because I prefer the simpler web, the one which you can load in less than a second. Today's websites lean way too much upon big framework which slow down the whole structure and make everything feel bad/wrong.

For this website I just wanted to have a basic design, that is readable (so no bare html) but also is very lighweight. The design i sought after was a simpler version of Medium while having a load time equivalent to the biggest inspiration to this website : motherfuckingwebsite.com.

I finally settled on the design of bettermotherfuckingwebsite.com (which I literally took the whole 11 lines of css from) which was literally all I wanted : A simple design, easy to read, fast to load. I might do changes later but as for now (08/09/2021) it looks really good.

What do you plan for this website?[2]

I plan on adding a small blog to talk about some development I have running, but also about some other things I want to talk about. It can be anything to be honest, but I'll try to keep everything separated correctly.

I'll try to update this website as much as possible, and get dates on when things are gonna come out. But school is a lot of work, so I cannot promise anything.